Sunday, September 18, 2011

a new approach

So... lately, since the stuff I've doing at work is mundane (pushing around vertices and UVs) I've been listening to TED talks again. Most recently, Neil Pasricha's 3 A's talk. It was interesting enough... certainly something I could try for myself but I didn't think of how it could be applied to my personal art... Until, I had the fortune of attending a class by Pascal Campion, just this past friday. Had it not been for the fortunate timing of the two things... I may have never made the connection.

I've always found it difficult to come up with themes or ideas to 'draw on'... at least something persistent and that I found more than just 'interesting' for a short duration. Certainly, the various projects I've had a hand in developing (whilst working in games) did provide a focus for the length of the project. But for my personal stuff - it's been a sea of half thought-out ideas, themes or even styles that I never seem to have the motivation to see through to an end! Talking with G-man at work, I'm always amazed at how he is able to stay attached to his story and make every piece of work that he does relate or work towards is idea for such a long period of time!

Okay thats alot of talk, already... gotta post art in here ;) so here are some quick sketches done during friday's class..

Pascal is an awesome example of the those 3 A's: He's got a great Attitude, he is really Aware (in the artist sense as much as the mental sense)... and he is really Authentic - choosing subjects that her really cares about and really sticking to his priorities, it seems... and DAMN he works pretty fast!

Another thing that he does which is so cool, is that he thinks more about emotion and story, preferring to simplify certain visual elements to allow him to work faster and get to that feeling more immediately. So, looking at my sketches in that light... mine are really lame. I'm not really saying anything about the subjects, about the mood or of how I, myself, felt about that given moment in time.

Now for me, personally, I still need ALOT of practice with basic drawing and getting certain visual elements to translate what I see, literally... and it seems that to get to the next level of transmitting emotion etc... you would need to have mastered all the art basics! Not so, according to Pascal, and a few other artist's out there.

This is a somewhat of relief for me. I don't need to be and will probably never be a master artist. I can take some focus off some rendering or whatever (although - I think I will be always compelled to improve upon those skillz) I have a lot of things around me that I can use as reference, and I can talk more about 'the real me' in my art.

So can I do this? lets see...