Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Did a bunch of sketches for chow#240 on ... but never got around to finishing them off by deadline. I did try to take a couple of these sketches into photoshop to paint them up... to an astoundingly nauseating degree; In fact, so bad, that it has put me off of digital painting for a while! The sketches were ok... so I might give it a go when I am feeling more inspired.

staying loose

Did a few 'warm up' speed paints (over screen grabs) for some environments that I was about to start, to help me plan out what I was gonna do with the areas. Trying to find some interesting compositions, even though I would eventually have a limited set of assets/shapes to pull from. I'm also trying to emulate some the style of concepts that we have - awe inspiring work...very gestural, moody...yet very accurate with light and well balanced through color and contrast. This be my stab at it: